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Maturing investments

Term deposits

Please note that a minimum investment amount of $5,000, restricted access to capital, and strategy terms apply. If you wish to invest in maturing investments, please refer to the relevant product document below, noting that not all product offerings from the listed providers are available in eXpand.

Interest rates as at 24 January 2022 (effective 12.00am AEST for amounts up to $5M)

Provider Term Interest rate*
Adelaide Bank 3 months 0.20% pa
ANZ 3 months 0.08% pa
NAB 3 months 0.33% pa
Adelaide Bank 6 months 0.40% pa
ANZ 6 months 0.15% pa
NAB 6 months 0.41% pa
Adelaide Bank 12 months 0.70% pa
ANZ 12 months 0.20% pa
NAB 12 months 0.55% pa

* Interest rates are indicative only and the interest rate applicable to your term deposit may differ from rates shown above. IOOF does not accept any responsibility for any inaccuracy or for investment decisions or any other actions taken by any person on the basis of the information included.

Fixed-term annuities

Challenger Guaranteed Annuity terms, rates and payment frequencies available through eXpand for purchase by 11.59 pm AEDT on 4 November 2021:

Term Base indicative interest rate1 Guaranteed additional premium rate2 Indicative interest rate3 Interest payment frequency
1 year 1.15% pa 0.15% pa 1.30% pa Semi-annual
2 year 1.75% pa 0.15% pa 1.90% pa Annual
3 year 2.20% pa 0.15% pa 2.35% pa Annual

1Effective 1 November 2021. This interest rate is subject to change.

2The premium rate is fixed and is not subject to change.

3This interest rate is subject to change and is dependent upon fluctuations in the base rate. Consequently, the effective rate may differ from the indicative rate. Your final interest rate will be confirmed online before the commencement date of the annuities.